What Is Playwright?

Playwright is a headless browser automation platform, similar in part to Puppeteer. It can target several browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Developed and maintained by Microsoft, Playwright is a test automation framework that allows the user to perform comprehensive automated testing directly on major browsers. This tool is designed with multiple features such as an auto-wait option, capturing of test trace, flexibility and perhaps most importantly cross platform and support for several coding languages. Playwright is one of the few test frameworks that can use other languages as well as JavaScript / Typescript. Test cases can be written in .Net, Java, TypeScript and Python, and it runs cross platform on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Playwright Automation Testing

Playwright is open source under the Apache 2.0 license, and has over 40k stars on GitHub, making it one of the most popular test frameworks around.

Advantages of the Tool

Playwright developers frequently release new features making this tool even easier to use. A few of the many advantages are listed below:

  • The installation of this test automation framework does not take much time for configuration.
  • In relation to the selected coding language used by the tester, the installation steps may vary.
  • Playwright supports multiple coding languages such as Java, Python, and so on. Playwright also supports testing on various browsers e.g. Chromium, Webkit, Firefox and Safari
  • Whether it is multi-tab or multi-window, Playwright can handle any test scenario. If a test scenario requires the tester to shift between tabs or windows, this automation tool helps them to do this.
  • This tool is developer-friendly, providing a lot of debugging options.

Importance of Playwright

  • Playwright is one of the few test automations tools that can be used on multiple devices; this helps testers look for scenarios on the desktop as well as mobile platforms.
  • This tool is capable of covering various scenarios, while offering support for file downloads, uploads, and native input events.
  • Playwright has about 9000+ active users, with more than 60+ releases. The high number of releases demonstrates how the contributors are actively spending their time fixing existing issues and announcing new features.


Like most testing frameworks, Playwright can be installed and setup with NPM (Node Package Manager), and run with NPX (Node Runner), in which case, tests are written in TypeScript (or JavaScript). It can also be setup and run with C#, Java and Python using the appropriate IDEs and running directly from the local test project or as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

To Sum Up

Playwright is a well-conceptualized test automation framework, which supports performing end to end automated testing across various major browsers, platforms and devices, using C#, JavaScript, Python or Java.

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