What Is Mocha?

“A five-minute coffee break is all that I need, while the testing tool does its job on its own.” Mocha is a flexible, adaptable and function-rich open-source test framework, used for JavaScript test applications, running on Node.js. It comes with a wide range of features that help to test synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript concepts in the browser. Before deploying into production, JS code can be extensively tested in depth using Mocha.

Mocha is extremely popular and very well maintained. It has over 21k stars on Github at the time of writing and has been around for over a decade. Its documentation is well written and easy to follow.

Testing With Mocha

Writing comprehensive tests with Mocha helps to check the more complex features of a program and its functionality. The flexibility in the way Mocha tests can be written and their tight integration with JavaScript and promises etc., helps ensure that even as an application evolves over time, the tests should continue to be able to match all the requirements correctly. Though Node.JS has a large variety of testing frameworks to choose from, Mocha is generally viewed as one of the best automation testing tools available in the market.

If you are looking for an easy to learn and quick to understand automated testing tool then Mocha is the tool.

Benefits of Mocha

  • Flexible open-source automation tool
  • Mocha does not come with mocking framework and assertion library. To put this in easier terms, you can select any library or framework while testing using Mocha
  • A lot of tools have been built around Mocha, and hence it is an adaptive testing framework.
  • One other important reason why Mocha is used extensively is that it has a highly active community setup
  • Great support is available through blog posts, videos, podcasts, and libraries
  • This testing Framework has a number of installation options
  • Mocha supports both Test-Driven Development, known as TDD and BDD abbreviated as Behavior Driven Development
  • Node.JS applications commonly require asynchronous code. In comparison to other JavaScript testing frameworks, Mocha makes it easier to test asynchronous codes
  • Not only is Mocha compatible with most web browsers, but it also allows developers to run tests for different browser-specific methods and options

To Summarise

Every software developer wants their software application to run error-free. The expectation is that code works properly no matter how many changes are made. Ultimately, for a SAAS or Hybrid platform a good JavaScript testing framework is required. A testing tool should allow an end-to-end test. It should have strong community support. These attributes along with many powerful plugins mean Mocha is preferred by many developers. it is an easy to use, open-source testing framework, and with excellent support.

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