What Is Katalon?

Katalon was developed by Katalon Inc. and is a low-code Automated Testing Software Solution that is built on the open-source frameworks Selenium and Appium; it has a specialised IDE interface for Web, API, Desktop and Mobile Applications. It works on Linux, Windows (7,8,10) and MacOS (10, 11) and Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and Headless browsers. It has dual scripting interfaces for testers with different programming skills and can be used by people with no programming skills, who use a simple interface that does not require the writing of code. More proficient testers can use scripting with code suggestion, syntax highlighting and debugging.

Is It Better Than Selenium

It is often faster than Selenium, one reason is that the scripting language is Groovy, and as it is built on Java, there are more libraries and test objects. If the test is very long, the difference in performance and speed can be noticeable. It also has a wider set of integrations compared to Selenium and is easy to deploy. Unlike Selenium, Katalon Studio can test API’s without additional integrations. There is also a Katalon store, where users and developers can access 3 groups of a variety of plugins, Utilities, Integrations and Custom Keywords.

Katalon Recorder

This was first released in January 2015 and is a Selenium IDE-compatible playback and record tool used in automated browser testing. It allows the user to record, debug, manage test cases. Test suites are exported to various programming languages, e.g. Java, Ruby, Python, Groovy, C# and Robot Framework. The record and playback features are for testers who do not have programming skills.

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