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Add Test Automation to Build Your Pipelines

Let Adappt work with your pipelines to improve product resilience and security.

If you already have CI/CD pipelines, we will create the scripts to integrate automated testing directly into them.

If you do not have a CI/CD pipeline, then sit back and let our team build one for you.

Not only can the pipelines build your deployments and run tests, they can also run dependency checks and alert you to essential security patches.

Our dedicated security team can also include automated code scans and security tests into your pipeline for added peace of mind.

Uncompromised 100% Attention to Detail

Automated test comes with all the attention to detail that you would expect from a manual tester. Automated test works hand in hand with your manual testers, freeing them up to continue checks across your software for accuracy, consistency and coverage.

Confidence in well documented test coverage is the key to success. Automation helps your tests grow and evolve with your platform, whilst reducing workload on your manual testers.

What We Provide?

A comprehensive service that augments manual and unit testing, driving quality and efficiency. Our services are designed to ensure maximum ROI using the extensive knowledgebase built up testing blue-chip, NGO, health, legal, broadcast and financial services platforms for over a decade.

Knowledge sharing is key to our approach. Our teams will ideally act as an extension of your existing testing teams, embedding within your sprints.

Automated Mobile Testing

Automated Web Testing

Automated Desktop Testing

Stress Testing

Dependency Checks

Code Security Scans



We create robust solutions to test scripts that will be reliable and repeatable across your entire production code.


With the unstoppable evolution of products and tools, Adappt know that persistent testing is required to adapt to the changes in testing code.


With over 50 experienced developers across Adappt, we have highly skilled resources available to help you with writing tests and test cases.


Our services are used by global NGO’s, International LIVE TV Broadcasters and the legal and medical professionals in environments where there is no room for failure. You can TRUST Adappt to deliver 100%, every time.

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Our Adappt Test Automation Services Kit Includes

Some of the Best Tools You Should Be Aware Of


No contracts, No surprise fees.

Automated Test Developers

  • Unit Tests
  • API & Module Tests
  • Web UI Tests
  • Mobile UI Tests
  • Specialized Developers
  • AGILE Team Embedded
  • Full documentation


DevOps Pipeline Engineers

  • Premium support
  • AWS Experts
  • Azure Experts
  • Full Automated Pipelines
  • Blocking Test Cases
  • Rollback and Recovery
  • Full documentation


DevSecOps Security Engineers

  • Security Scans
  • Dependency Scans
  • Manual Inspection
  • Full Reports
  • SOC Integration
  • Alert chains
  • Full Documentation


Our Automation Test Read


Automated Software Testing

The testing of products created by software developers to deliver bug free software and applications using automation tools such as Selenium, Mocha and others listed on our website. The use of these tools makes the entire process faster and more efficient testing is built to support Quality Analysts.

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Mocha – A gist

“A five-minute coffee break is all that I need, while a testing tool does a task on its own.” Recently, the growing requirement for testing every development has certain tedious processes which resulted in going through loops in the testing environment.

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What Is Karma?

“We work along with the tools to build a better platform.” - Karma. In a professional software organization, automated testing is absolutely necessary.

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What Is Puppeteer?

Puppeteer is used for automated browser testing (looking for bugs). It’s fast and robust and has a ‘clean syntax’ that allows the user to write readable tests.

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What Is Playwright?

Developed by Microsoft, Playwright is a test automation library that allows the user to perform comprehensive testing across major browsers.

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What Is Protractor?

Protractor is an opensource end to end testing automation tool built by Google, for Angular and AngularJS applications.

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What Is Selenium?

The Original Selenium was developed from the JavaScript TestRunner:- In 2004 Jason Huggins, was working on a web application that needed repetitive manual testing.

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