What Is Jasmine?

As a behaviour-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code, Jasmine does not depend on other JavaScript frameworks. BDD (behaviour driven development) tools, are great for testing complex patterns and functions JavaScript.

A BDD Behaviour Driven Development Tool

Jasmine is one of the best known Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) testing frameworks for unit testing JavaScript applications. It is an easy to understand testing frameworks for unit testing JavaScript applications. Jasmine has been around for over a decade and its open-source repository is well maintained with over 15k stars at the time of writing this article. Jasmine is built to support and manage a complex scope of testing issues through the JavaScript Behaviour-Driven Development framework, where tests are written before the actual code is written. It has many benefits, e.g. utilities that can be used to run automated tests for both synchronous and asynchronous codes.

Some of the Benefits of Jasmine

  • An agile automation tool with low overhead.
  • A user can custom match in Jasmine
  • A flexible and easy to understand automated testing tool
  • No external dependency when it has its own JS library.
  • It is a customized library that has everything you need for testing your code.
  • It also supports Python and ruby (data application/analytical tools)
  • It does not require a DOM to function
  • The user gets straight forward API
  • Easy to understand syntax
  • It can understand natural language, it is easy to fix bugs and achieve expected results.

How and Where Can I Use Jasmine?

Jasmine helps in automated unit testing, a key practice used while developing and deploying modern-day web applications. It is a simple, easy to understand automation testing tool

  • Jasmine library- a space of its own resource code to solve your every problem in JS script.
  • Cab be used in different ways, e.g. ancient way both the Jasmine core and your test files using a script tag,
  • As a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool using Node.js,
  • As a library in Node.js,
  • For python code using Jasmine-py
  • For Ruby projects Jasmine-gem

Is Jasmine Test Driven Development (TDD) Or Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)?

TDD is a development technique that focuses more on the implementation, it is a development practice. BDD is a development technique that focuses more on the systems behaviour, it is a team methodology.

Jasmine is a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) testing framework for JavaScript.

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