Test Price Plans for Every Level

Our prices plans cover all requirement levels and show the rate per developer/day. Call us to discuss discounts for long-term engagements.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Rolling contracts, No surprise fees.

Discounted monthly rates based on contract length.

Automated Test Developers

    • Web UI Tests
    • Unit Tests
    • Specialized Developers
    • AGILE Team Embedded
    • Test documentation
    • Premium support



Senior Test Engineers

    • Mobile UI Tests
    • API & Module Tests
    • AWS Expertise
    • Azure Expertise
    • Full Automated Pipelines
    • Blocking Test Cases
    • Rollback and Recovery
    • Architectural documentation



DevSecOps Security Engineers

    • Security Scans
    • Dependency Scans
    • Manual Inspection
    • Full Reports
    • SOC Integration
    • Alert chains
    • Penetration Tests


Safeguard Your Brand With Outsourced Software Testing Services
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