Estimating Your Test Coverage Requirements, Costs and Potential Savings

As an organisation we understand that everything has a cost, including automated testing. We also know that with the time released to your core developers, the lower cost of test resource, and the greater speed of specialised resource, automated testing saves your organisation money.

As part of your FREE consultation with Adappt, we will work together to look at:

  • Your technology stack in full
  • The key areas you need testing
  • The ideal percentage test coverage
  • The time estimated to reach optimum test coverage
  • How best to integrate / create your CI/CD pipeline
  • All security concerns discussed
  • Estimation of post completion running costs

Based on the above we will then provide you with a full and detailed quotation included projected cost savings based on our own projects.

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Safeguard Your Brand With Outsourced Software Testing Services
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