We Have a Full Range of Test Related Services

Automated testing has become one of the most important activities in software development. It is a key requirement for development teams to ensure successful implementation of their frameworks, applications and final products. The goal of Adappt’s automated testing service is to maximise high impact test coverage and provide the optimum scale of testing for your product. We create resilient User Interface (UI) tests for cloud, native and hybrid apps. As part of our approach we balance End-to-End Testing, Integration Tests, and Performance Tests to cover all aspects of your project. Our in-depth testing feedback will also provide you with the necessary tools to help improve the efficiency and quality of your developers’ code. As a Software Services Testing Company with over ten years experience and hundreds of successfully delivered live projects, we focus on the QA that makes a difference. We carefully work with the development teams and project owners to ensure bug free deliveries and near realtime alerting of any issues. Our services include the following core disciplines.

Browser Based Automated Software Testing Tools for SAAS web platforms

With many of today’s platforms and products being SAAS / Web based, unsurprisingly a lot of testing is geared around testing SAAS. Browser automation can test a whole range of web based software including complex SPAs based on frameworks like Angular, Vue, React and Ember. We typically use tools such as Playwright and Webdriver.io, and have a good knowledge of the full gamut of tools and options available.

Automated Software Testing Tools for mobile apps

From Hybrid to Native, there are a range of tools available to work directly with mobile handsets and also with mobile emulators. Typically, we have extensive experience and have relied heavily on Appium for UI emulated tests. We have over six year’s experience testing mobile apps, many of which are mission critical to the organisations that use them.

Manual Testing

We feel that regardless of the level of test automation, a level of manual testing is always highly recommended, especially where products are in active development. Our manual testers do not work in isolation, and always embed into the sprints with the developers, to ensure maximum efficiency in addressing any issues.

Unit Testing

Unit testing requires a good knowledge of the coding language, general architecture and product. Unit tests are often written by the developers themselves. In circumstances where it makes more sense for the developers to focus on new features, we have senior level developers experienced in writing unit tests and ready to step in to write quick efficient code.

Test Case Creation

Good test coverage involve both good documentation and well written test cases. Working with the product and your User Stories, we can create your test case documentation and track your test coverage.

Stress Testing of Server Clusters

From small instances to large Kubernetes based clusters of 200 servers, our devops and sysops teams have extensive experience of stress testing, load testing and the setup of monitoring tools ranging from Zabbix to Datadog

Usability Testing

Small things can often break usability. They are often easily overlooked by teams who are used to using the software in a prescribed way. A second pair of eyes is typically very helpful at spotting usability issues, and this role is usually wrapped into the manual testing role.

User Acceptance Testing

Managing client feedback and pre-release approval is often critical to the release cycle of any product. Our project manages can help you manage the UAT of your release cycle and are specifically sensitive and comms focus around the requirements of taking product through User Acceptance Testing

API Testing

Whilst comparable to Unit testing typically API testing is more complex and requires a more thorough knowledge of the UI and backend. API testing can also test for data leak related issues. Typically we assign senior developers to this work.

Database Testing

Our team of DBAdmins can assess your Database cluster and as needed, setup health monitoring, indexing and recovery plans.

Compatibility Testing

Whilst standards are constantly improving, there are still many browsers, handsets, operating systems and screen sizes. Efficient automated compatibility testing can also include screenshots for easy human review, whilst navigating the platform quietly and efficiently beforehand to make best use of QA time.

Code Quality

We will typically setup automated code quality assessment tools, with a range of outputs ranging from potential security issues such as SQL injection to code duplication, code metrics, reliability and code readability.

Dependency Testing

Most software depends on other libraries. These libraries from third parties are often under a constant state of development. Some updates will run smoothly, other updates can introduce new functionality, deprecate old functionality and cause breaking changes. Mixed in with these updates are essential security updates, and if a security update follows a breaking functionality change, this can cause your system to fail. Whilst many firms follow a policy of only updating security patches, breaking dependency changes are the number one cause of unexpected bugs.

Automated dependency checking does not solve this, but it does ensure you stay aware of all the current versions and keep on top of critical security patches.

Security Testing

We have manual pen-testers with extensive experience of testing APIs servers and privilege escalation. We also implement automated tests, which check code and frequently find many issues development teams are not aware of.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration Continuous Development) Pipeline Scripting

If you already have a CI/CD pipeline our team will create the scripts and instances to integrate tests into your existing flow. If you do not have a CI/CD pipeline our team can create the entire pipeline for or with you. One nice feature of test integrations with a CI/CD pipeline is that (if desired) they can block the production release if critical tests fail. This can protect your production environment in a significant way from accidental / unintended bugs.

Knowledge Sharing

As an organisation we pride ourselves on knowledge sharing. From documentation to embedding within your sprints and stand-ups.

Test Automation Software does not replace the requirement for manual QA, but rather it works with it to reduce the load on manual QA teams, by eliminating wasted transactional workflow between these teams and developers.

It makes the creation and execution of testing faster and supports parallel execution and requirements-based testing, making your testing regime more efficient.

Ideally, automated software testing should be incorporated in agile and DevOps software projects from the very beginning. Therefore, if you are planning a software now or in the future, our free technical consultation can help you consider your possible options and outlay.

What is Automated Mobile Testing?

Mobile testing is fully integrated into our Automated Testing System; tests are created for handheld devices leading to end-to-end testing for all mobile scenarios (native/hybrid apps), mobile websites for iOS/Android.

What is Automated Desktop Testing?

A software testing framework that has been automated to test/validate all the functionality of the desktop application. It involves testing of features such as the Graphical User Interface (GUI), functionality, any database, the backend, memory and related performance metrics during UI operations, it is fully integrated into our workflow.

Why Use Test Automation?

Test Automation is of crucial importance in the process of software development, and as already mentioned is required for the successful execution of many frameworks/applications and many frameworks that developers create. It easily automates Functional UI testing for Web, Mobile and Desktop applications together with Cross Browser testing and API Monitoring.

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